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Most founders and companies struggle to find the right people to build their tech products and make them attractive for the end users. We have an established process that helps them to focus on building the business and not getting into each technical detail.
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Design Systems
Scaling design is difficult when there are so many inconsistencies in your product. With a proper design system, your entire product team can produce much more efficiently, provide consistency to your users and help eliminate technical gaps.
User Onboarding
First impressions can be overwhelming. That's why we believe Onboarding UX should never be an afterthought. Helping your users navigate through new features will bring you to new heights: upgraded conversion rates, long-term retention, and discoverability, among others.
UX Audit
User retention requires a data-driven approach. By understanding your users’ journey step by step we can recommend how to prevent drop off stages, pain points, and bottlenecks. We uncover user behaviors through qualitative and quantitative methods to audit your product.

UI/UX Design
Great design is engaging and can scale easily. Our data-driven approach identifies the root cause of bad UX and gets you back on track to acquiring more customers. Research is embedded throughout our process and our design is constantly validated through usability tests.
Design Thinking Workshop
Invest in a full-day workshop with one of our industry experts. The workshop is built to help your team think outside their daily tasks. We will create a customized agenda to help align product vision, brainstorm new ideas and prioritize action items.
Clers is putting an end to “analysis paralysis.” In many cases, business owners are unsure of what features to implement, resulting in costly delays. We help you define the right features up front, so you can stick to your timeline and implement them as needed.
Know What to Deliver (and When)
The only reliable way to ensure you’re building the right software is to have an intimate knowledge of what your clients want. At Clers, we embrace our own proprietary framework to collect feedback and plan functionality around your client’s actual needs.
Smart Delivery
Where many companies build barrier between themselves and their clients, we prefer to act as a unified team. This interoperability not only maximizes transparency, but increases collaborative communication while also building trust.
Radical Transparency
Scaling can be difficult if your product has multiple inconsistencies. However, with a proper design system, your entire product team can function with increased efficiency. At the same time, they can provide your users with a consistent experience that helps eliminate technical gaps. Trust us: at CoName, we know how to build big apps with small teams.
System Design and Scalability
The best products are designed to be engaging and easy to scale. At Clers, our data-driven approach helps us identify the root cause of bad UX. The sooner we fix the problem at the source, the sooner you can get back on track. We embed research into our process to ensure the best results, all while constantly validating our design via usability testing.
Product Design
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