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Clers provides an effective and powerful solutions for technical hiring
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Better hiring
With the Right Team, Great Things Can Happen
Clers assists you in forming teams of software engineers and other tech experts who work together as a single unit with your in-house staff.
Technologies we use:
Mobile Development
Web Development
UI/UX Design Services
Data Management
Dedicated Teams
Beetroot helps you build teams of software developers and other tech talents, joined with your in-house team as one unit. Your teams work out of Beetroot’s offices and communicate directly with you..
Custom Software Solutions:
In a project-based setup, Beetroot takes full responsibility for delivering a full solution – tailored to your needs.
We now live in a remote-first world
Companies are in competition to garner the benefits of remote engineering talent
Planetary pool of software developers
Millions Untapped Silicon Valley caliber engineers
Proven success of distributed teams
Trusted Among Great Companies
Why work with Clers:
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Get the best talents on the market
Over the years, Clers has collected 60,000+ CVs of the best talents. We can locate the right specialists you are looking for, while you focus on your business goals.
Save money by hiring with us
We know every company wants to reduce costs while getting the best possible talent. By hiring offshore with us you will save up to 30% on each hiring.
Hire faster than your competitors
We will get you the first relevant CVs within days. You don't need to sift through irrelevant applications.